Let’s get cracking!

Welcome to the official Ubuntu One app developer section! It’s open to everybody, because we’re firm believers that we don’t have to build everything ourselves: we know there’s a mass of great ideas and amazing developer talent out there. We want to make it so you can build cool apps for U1.

We’re also firm believers in simplicity, so what we aim to provide you with is enough clear consistent APIs for you to build your own applications. They’ve been designed with care and attention so that they’re built to be used by apps. They’re open to everybody, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what imagination is out there... this is your chance to impress us! Whether you’re storing data from web apps or Windows or Ubuntu, storing, sharing or publishing files from Android or the cloud, or streaming music to mobiles or desktops, or maybe even having people sign in to your web apps with their Ubuntu One identity, this is the place you need to be.

What do you do to get it? To get started, look at the API sections below:

Files APIs


Store files in Ubuntu One, make sure they’re synced to some or all or none of your machines and devices, and publish files to a public URL, from the cloud, Windows, and Ubuntu.

Music APIs


Stream your music to any platform.

Data APIs


Synchronise structured data between platforms.

Account Admin APIs


Administer an Ubuntu One account, grant access to applications, and handle passwords and other access details.