Ubuntu One help

To edit playlists in the Android version of Ubuntu One Music:

  1. Open the playlist window (icon looks like a list)
  2. Select the playlist you want to edit
  3. Click Select All then Queue
  4. Then click the player button (looks like a record Player)
  5. open the queue - Touch For Play Queue
  6. Now edit the queue.

Remove Song -- You can click and hold on a song title to get the delete option.

Add Song -- Go to your Music Library (treble clef icon). Click to select songs (puts green checkmark) then click Queue to add to queue.

  1. When done you can save the playlist. Click and hold on a song, when menu comes up select Save Playlist.

Note: you can also save the playlist by selecting the phones menu button (far left button at bottom of phone) and select Save Playlist.

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