Ubuntu One help

ROOT_MISMATCH means that the previous synchronization was done using a different account. This may mean that the user got more than one Ubuntu One account and different credentials were entered during reauthorization.


  1. Press Alt-F2, type "seahorse", press "Enter"
  2. Right-click on any "Ubuntu One" and "Desktopcouch" entries and select "Delete"
  3. Press Alt-F2, type "gnome-terminal", press "Enter" and run:

u1sdtool -q; sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/ubuntuone; u1sdtool -c;


  1. In the Ubuntu One application click the "Devices" tab & click the "Remove" button
  2. Quit the Ubuntu One application
  3. Right-click on the task bar and select "Task Manager"
  4. In "Task Manager", click on the "Processes" tab
  5. Click on any entries that start with "ubuntuone" and then click the "End Process" button (If a window pops up prompting you to reinstall Ubuntu One, click the windows' "Cancel" button)
  6. Open the file explorer and make sure you can view hidden/system folders
  7. Open C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\xdg\ubuntuone
  8. Delete the "syncdaemon" folder
  9. Open the Ubuntu One application and connect


  1. Quit Ubuntu One from the menubar icon menu.
  2. Deleting the metadata files:

Remove the folder Library/ApplicationSupport/ubuntuone/syncdaemon

The easiest way to do this via terminal: ''rm -rf Library/ApplicationSupport/ubuntuone/syncdaemon''

  1. Remove credentials

3.1 Open "Keychain Access" - find it in /Applications/Utilities or use spotlight.

3.2 Search for the entry called "Ubuntu One". It will be of the kind "application password" and have an icon with a pencil, a ruler, and a paintbrush in an "A" shape. If you double-click on it, the "Account" field will say "ubuntu_sso" and the password itself will not be your password, but a credential token with some information enclosed in curly brackets.

3.3 Right-click and delete that entry.

Then you can restart Ubuntu One, and Ubuntu SSO will ask you to register your existing account again, and once you go through that, everything should work cleanly.

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